Janet Rich Pittman Biography:

Having served over three different dementia facilities as a Dementia Healthcare Administrator, Janet is Dementia Ready serving as a Dementia Practitioner and Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Dementia Prevention and Dementia Reversal.  Working with their doctors and their families, Janet takes those suffering from super low, mild to severe Alzheimer’s and/or other cognitive impairment and helps them go to where they want to be with enhanced, improved and clearer brain function.

Janet transforms audiences of 1 to 500+ with empowerment and by giving them an honest to goodness plan for building a better brain. She does this through one-on-one and group coaching, pod casts, radio and TV interviews, (international radio at that!), magazine and blog articles along with two e-books.

Through this supportive educational venue, Gulf Coast Dementia Services of which she is co-founder, Janet conducts their free weekly Alzheimer’s Dementia Support Groups.

Please contact Janet with any specific questions about dementia or topics you would like her to speak on to learn about.